The Process

My purpose is to design and create beautiful, bespoke jewellery, helping my clients fulfil their most challenging requirements, from the modest to the exotic.


How it works

First off, congratulations! Deciding to get engaged is a very special and unique life experience.

However you decide to pop the question, there´s one thing you can't do without.. the ring! No need to worry, thats what i´m here for. I´ll support you through the entire process and make it as stress free as possible.

The process we´ll embark upon together is very easy and goes as follows.

Get in contact.

Obviously we need to speak to get the ball rolling. You can either email me or use my contact box.. If the need is urgent you can also call me. A couple of things that will help with the initial contact will be :-

  • Your idea for the style of ring. This is quite important because I can literally get hold of anything. I would suggest that you take a look at my Ring style guide and Diamond & Gemstone guide pages to see if there is something you like. Let me know and we´ll go from there. Remember, what you don't like is as useful to me as what you do like!
  • Timeline i.e. when do you intend to propose. This will let me know how long we have to work to get the ring you require. Depending on your choices, we can discuss turnaround time.
  • An idea of a budget. Due to innumerable options, budgets can vary wildly. This is why deciding on a budget is a very personal subject as you will want to spend an amount that you can afford. Bearing this in mind your budget could go from as little as £1500 up to tens of thousands. There is however NO charge for my service and the quality of service I provide to each customer is the same regardless of your budget. 


Heres where we will meet. After you get in contact and we've discussed your preferences, we will arrange a meeting where you can view options. If there are any other questions/ideas/suggestions, we can deal with them here, also If we need to meet again to further tailor your idea then we will organise that.

Give me the go ahead

At this point we´ll sign the relevant paperwork and you´ll make a deposit into our business account. As soon as the deposit is in our account, thats when the magic happens and we direct our craftsmen to create your ring.

Delivery of the ring

We´ll meet you with the finished ring for your inspection and discuss the finishing touches i.e. ´the box´, once that is all decided you make the final payment. Once the final payment is received, the ring will be available to be collected or delivered to you.

All thats left to do is for you to pluck up the courage and say the magic words and hear her say ´Yes´.

Job done.

Whats better than getting what you want? Getting her what SHE wants of course! Let me help with that.
— Anna