Why is Cut Important?

Why is Cut important? Does it really make that much difference to how a stone looks?

The simple answer to that is Yes! Quite a remarkable difference in fact. The skill of a cutter, just like every other craftsman varies hugely. From natural flair to experience and even who they were apprenticed to, it all makes a difference. 

An excellently cut stone stands out. It's dimensions, the 'sparkle' and it's overall appeal are very apparent. The aim, to optimise the value and desirability of that gemstone.

Diamond cutters and general gemstone cutters are very different. Depending on what stone you are having cut and how, this will determine the cutter you require. Due to the expense of cutting, many cutters are not in the UK but in locations like India and China.

Poor quality cutting always leaves me disappointed. Diamonds and gemstones can be badly proportioned and sometimes 'wonky', which can more often than not leave the stone 'lifeless' with little sparkle and sadly very undesirable. However, you rarely find valuable gemstones cut poorly, you can also find inexpensive gemstones cut very nicely, although on rare occasions this can be used in an attempt to trick undiscerning customers into thinking their gemstones are worth more than they actually are!

In my opinion, Cut is not as critical in determining value within the four C's as the others, Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. Undoubtedly though, Cut plays a very important role in determining a Diamond or gemstones worth.

If you need any advice or guidance on Cut or on any other factors please don't hesitate to get in contact.