Which Gemstones should I choose?

A very high proportion of engagement rings are diamond, but maybe you suspect your girlfriend would prefer another gemstone or maybe you're just curious about your options? Whichever, let me offer some guidance.

Are diamonds always a girls best friend? Well in my opinion, no. Diamonds can be an excellent choice, they are without doubt very sparkly and pretty, but the majority are colourless or close to colourless. Maybe your girlfriend would love a flash of colour?

In terms of durability you can't really beat diamond. Sapphire and Ruby come close and in their multitude of colours and tones, either on their own or punctuated with diamonds, they can be a stunning option.

Sapphires literally come in every colour of the rainbow and in different shades. Rubies come in a wide selection of different hues, often reflected by the location from which they were mined. You may have heard of a Ruby described as 'Pigeon blood red', this refers to a stunning pure, deep bright red typical of highly sought after, very high quality Burmese ruby.

Emerald is also a fabulous option in terms of colour, although emerald is quite hard, it is also brittle which sadly means its not the best in terms of durability, however with certain styles of setting (ie. ones that protect the edges of the emerald), it can definitely be a beautiful option.

There are many other options, the world of gemstones is huge. Here I have simply outlined the most popular and suitable.

If you are curious and would like to discuss the possibilities and maybe even view some options, please don't hesitate to get in contact.