Why i´m not a fan of the Traditional Jewellery Shop experience

When you go shopping, what do you want? Apart from the obvious, to purchase an intended item, how do you want to be treated? How does the appearance of the shop and the attitude of their staff effect your decisions? 

I have had feedback from numerous clients of mine who report just how awful they have found previous retail jewellery shopping experiences. Often prime locations, heavy security, luxurious decor, off hand and often rude, unknowledgeable staff... the worst part about this whole very deliberately put together experience is that none of this is just bad luck.. it´s all tactics and psychological tricks, designed to make you want to buy into that ´special club´.

Some might say that traditional is always best.... but is it? when the main purpose is to trick/pressure you into a purchase?

The competitive edge I achieve in my business is based on transparency and honesty. I do not believe in intimidation, bad manners, poor gemstone and diamond knowledge and (quite frequently) outrageous percentage mark-ups on the cost of jewellery.

If you like the retail experience, then i´m not the right choice for you. I offer an excellent service, backed by knowledge, experience and a passion for jewellery and gemstones, so whether you´re looking for a ring that is £1500 or £150,000, you can be absolutely assured that I can help.