About Anna

Hi, I´m Anna, I´m going to solve your problem.

My experience

I am a diamond grader and a gemmologist. I have worked within the jewellery and stone trade for over 10 years and have accrued a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as forming excellent trade relationships with other gemstone dealers and truly exceptional British Craftsmen.

My Mission

My aim is to create the perfect engagement ring for you to celebrate the unity of you and your girlfriend. I will use my knowledge, experience and excellent trade relationships to give you the best advice and guide you through the process so that you make the perfect ring choice that she will love.

Why you should let me help You

Apart from the important points below, I am friendly and easy to work with. I really enjoy my work and this will rub off on you. 

Take the stress out of the situation. Let me help.

  • Simplicity. I will guide you through the myriad of choices of stone, cut, colour, size etc.
  • Price. Because of my contacts in the gemstone trade industry, I can get you the best prices available.
  • Quality. Because I source everything directly from industry leaders, I can guarantee the highest quality gems etc. you can afford.
  • Experience. I have a lot of experience designing and realising clients ideas and wishes. This will show in what we create.
  • Discretion. I have worked with famous clients in the past and you can rest assured that I am very discrete.  
  • Peace of Mind. Every piece I create comes with full certification. So you can rest assured that you are getting the quality you pay for.

Services offered 

  • Gemstone & Diamond Sourcing & Advice
  • Jewellery Design & Creation
  • Precious Metal Refining & Re-Modeling
  • Jewellery Re-Design & Re-Threading
  • Advice & Knowledge on Pearls

Working with me will minimise the intimidating and stressful experience of using a retail shop to purchase the ring you want. You’ll get exactly what you want and at a cheaper price!
— Anna